[vol.26] 2023年 3月

AI Verification

PARMI has developed AI Verification, the 4th AI solution series following AI Model Change – AI Teaching – AI OCR. AI Verification is an AI judgment automation function that replaces the operator’s secondary judgment in the Veriworks program for the primary defect inspected by AOI.

  • Supporting components: Chip(C/R), Capacitor, Coil, Connector, IC, Diode, Transistor, Resistor, LED, Wafer, etc.
  • Support inspection items: Misalignment, Tombstone, Upside down, Side mount, Contamination, Crack, etc.

This function supports the operator’s 2nd judgment in the later buffer rather than fundamentally reducing the false calls rate for defects in the AOI inspector. By applying high-performance deep learning technology, it minimizes the time for workers to determine false calls and improves productivity.