[vol.3] 2020年 6月

Backup Pin

1. What is “Backup Pin”?
Through the process of manufacturing, clamping, reflow, PCB can have faulty warpage. The backup pin is a special function that compensates the warpage by installing it at the bottom side of the panel. It is used when real-time Z-axis tracking is out of its limit [10mm(±5mm)]. The PCB is flattened with backup pins and allows accurate inspection.

2. The function of backup pin
1) Backup Plate & Backup Grid
PARMI provide a “Backup Plate” and a “Backup Grid” which allows users to pinpoint the location of the backup pins. Coordinates of the backup plate and the backup grid matches, the location of the component and where the defect occurred can be easily identified on the S/W screen.

2) Bottom side scan to prevent damage to component
If the backup pin is fitted without considering the location of the component on the board, the component may be damaged. PARMI’s inspection machine scans the bottom of the PCB and automatically reverses the image on the S/W screen to output images like viewing the board face directly. To prevent damage to components, the users check the location of the component on the S/W screen and install the backup pin.

3) Save location information of the backup pin marks
The location of the backup pin marks are saved in each model. Users can import location information. Setting the option to inform users with saved location information in a popup message eliminates to remember all the backup pin marks location necessary for each model, and provides accurate location.