[vol.14] 2022年 1月

Bottom Side Inspection

1. Xceed BSI

Xceed BSI (Bottom Side Inspection) is a 2D & 3D AOI machine that inspects the bottom side of the PCB without flipping the board after wave or selective soldering. Since it is not necessary to flip the PCB, it eliminates unnecessary handling of the PCB. The main uses of the machine are to inspect the height of pin, solder joints, short, and pin hole, etc.


2. Wave Soldering Inspection
In the process of wave soldering, if there is a defect in speed and height of wave, temperature, and amount of flux applied, it may result in solder defects such as icicles, bridges, wettability, foreign material, and contamination. In order to take technical measures such as optimizing process conditions and checking equipment, accurate defect data must be collected. Xceed BSI builds a statistical process management system and provides data by type, location, and line of defects to improve the process efficiency.


PARMI’s Up to Date

1. Gerber Stretch
PCBs may be deformed by manufacturing tolerance or heat in the process of SMT manufacturing, resulting in difference between the actual PCB location and designated inspection location. In this case, by using the Gerber Stretch function, the location of Gerber point can be adjusted to conduct more accurate inspection.

2. Scan Only Selected Components
Only scanning components as selected by user. Remove unnecessary process and save inspection time.

3.Modal Library
Save the model in a separate location to manage directly and use for the inspection. (Options available to save: Local or Library)

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