[vol.15] 2022年 4月

Underfill Inspection

1. Underfill Inspection

Underfill is a method of completely filling the bottom of the package with epoxy in the packaging process, to be more resistant to environmental factors such as moisture, temperature variations, and mechanical shock. If the underfill process is defective, it can result in reduced reliability of the end product. Therefore, it’s very important to perform inspection of the underfill to accurately measure the volume and coverage of the underfill material after it has been applied to the component.

If the applied underfill contains entrapped air bubbles, or if there’s any issue relating to applying the epoxy due to PCB warpage, there can be variations in the height of the material. PARMI’s Xceed MICRO (3D AOI) inspects the height and area of underfill with our dual-laser scanning method and automatically determines if it’s defective according to the tolerance settings.


2. Inspection Attributes of Underfill
Die & Package tilt, Misalignment, Chipping, Crack, UF coverage, Fillet height, Foreign material, Contamination, RBO (Resin Bleed Out), etc.

3. Xceed MICRO 3D AOI