[vol.17] 2022年 6月

Solder Ball Inspection

1. Solder Ball Application Description
 Solder ball is a spherical solder that electrically connects between the chip package and the PCB, and is used in the semiconductor packaging process to precisely control the amount of solder. The solder ball has advantages such as superior electrical conductivity compared to the traditional solder application method. But like traditional methods solder defects due to temperature/ moisture/ contaminants, etc. lead to defective products. Since chip packages, which are mainly used for household appliances such as smartphones and tablet PCs, are getting smaller and lighter, the defect detection of solder balls requires a higher level of technology.


2. Stable, In-line and High Speed Defect Detection – Even Shiny Balls
PARMI 3D AOI obtains an accurate height and area data of solder balls through the unique laser profiling technology. Based on the data, it detects solder ball defects such as Insufficient/Excessive solder, Offset, Coplanarity, Bridge, Double ball, Foreign material, Contamination, etc. It utilizes a sensor with a resolution of up to 3.5 × 3.5 μm to realize a clear 3D image even for fine solder balls that require high precision. PARMI’s unique laser profiling technology renders precise 3D images of the highly specular surface, which are difficult to realize with general inspection methods. It is able to precisely inspect even on a warped PCB because it compensates warped base along the PCB surface in real time.


3. Inspection of Components with Solder Balls in JEDEC Tray
When inspecting the solder balls in the tray, PARMI’s dual laser renders precise 3D images without noise and shadow effects. The user can set the ROI (Region of Interest) for the entire tray or array unit.