[vol.19] 2022年 8月

PARMI Partners with Mactech

PARMI, a global leader in the PCB inspection machine sector, has partnered with Mactech to support customers in Argentina. Mactech (formerly under the name Macon) is an established and well respected distributor of SMT equipment based in Buenos Aires and Rio Grande, Argentina. With over 40 years of experience and expertise, they deliver the best solutions to their customers.

As the demand for semiconductors in various industries such as 5G, automobiles, and home appliances has increased, the demand for inspection equipment is continuously increasing. PARMI is expanding its global network to support worldwide sales and service of our world-class inspection machines. As part of this effort, we have partnered with Mactech to develop and grow our presence in the Argentina market.

※ PARMI provides 24hour sevice through network of global partners, which include 18 in Americas, 13 in Europe and 13 in Asia. Detailed inquiries can be made on [Support Center] page of our website.