[vol.22] 2022年 11月

SPI-AOI Linkage Analysis

Determining the root cause of a defect which occurred during the manufacturing process, is critical to prevent recurrence of the defect. PARMI’s SigmaX SPI and Xceed AOI inspection systems obtain the whole image of the PCB and the defect data. Data accumulated through this process allows tracing which process is causing the defect among printing, mounting, and soldering.
Veriworks, a 2nd judgment program, provides a ‘Linkage Analysis’ function, which enables monitoring SPI ▸ Pre-Reflow AOI ▸ Post-Reflow AOI at once. It is possible to compare the inspection result of each machine on the Veriworks display screen.

This function is simply implemented by clicking the component list of Veriworks. The following are the modes of equipment that can execute Linkage Analysis.

 Afterward, data files are automatically deleted according to the time frame set by users. Maximizing data availability and minimizing costs allows effective management of data storage.