[vol.6] 2020年 9月

AI OCR Text Inspection

1. What is AI OCR Text Inspection?
Text inspection is the most basic and important inspection item when inspecting components of AOI, but false calls occur frequently. PARMI has developed a text inspection method using a deep learning technology (hereinafter “AI OCR”) to increase text recognition rates and reduce false call rates of 3D AOI.
PARMI’s AI OCR is superior to the existing text inspection method in detecting false calls based on a huge volume of text learning data. In addition, the recognition rate is improved through continuous relearning for text images that AI OCR failed to check.


2. Existing Text Inspection vs AI OCR


3. Case Study of AI OCR

Company K
· Inspection Period : Before application, 2019.07.09 ~ 07.15 / After application,  2020.01.31 ~ 04.07

As a result of tests with Company K and Company S for several months, the capability to evaluate false call rates in text inspection increased by  more than 95%. The technology is currently in the stabilization stage and will be applied to a number of companies in earnest. If you are interested in AI OCR text inspection, please contact us through the [Support Center] menu on PARMI′s website.


4. Advantages of PARMI’s AI OCR


First Finnish Distributor – EKVAL

PARMI is pleased to announce a new distribution partner, EKVAL, in Finland. With the experience of more than 30 years, EKVAL has been supplying equipment for SMT and semiconductor inspection lines from ASM and Kurtz Ersa, etc.
“EKVAL is a good partner who is an established distributor of state-of-the-art machines and has an excellent reputation as a solution provider. We look forward to establishing a mutual beneficial relationship together with new customers in Finland. We wish EKVAL good luck!” said Dr. Klaus Brodt, sales manager of PARMI Europe GmbH.
From now on, with EKVAL’s abundant know-how, customers across  Finland will be able to take advantage of PARMI’s machine and technical support more conveniently and quickly.