[vol.7] 2020年 10月

The Inspection of the Component Surface -Crack, Warpage

1. Background of Introduction
If cracks occur on the surface of an SMT device, it will typically be inspected using 2D data. But according to the color of the device surface, there are limits to inspecting defects only with 2D data because of low discrimination. To overcome this problem, PARMI utilizes the algorithm of inspecting defects on the surface of the device with 3D data. It is an algorithm which inspects not only cracks, but also warpage when the component surface is warped. So, PARMI Xceed (3D AOI) can inspect micro-crack and warpage on the surface of the components as well as inspecting for normal defect types such as missing, misalignment, coplanarity, solder joint, etc.


2. Surface Inspection
1) Crack
If there are cracks on the surface of chip tantal or IC (Integrated Circuit) used in SMT process assemblies, we can inspect these with 3D data. Micro-cracks in micro(μ) units can also be inspected much more easily when using 3D data than 2D data. Using a highly robust and accurate laser scanning method, the PARMI Xceed can perform an accurate inspection irrespective of color and surface finish.

2) Warpage
It is well known that PCB warpage should be inspected because it affects the entire process. Likewise, the surface of components can also be warped due to the reflow process. PARMI’s excellent warpage inspection algorithm also accurately inspects warpage on the surfaces of components. Thus, false calls can be reduced and productivity can be improved.


3. The Machine Group – Xceed Series
Surface inspection is an exclusive technology of PARMI’s AOIworks software. It is available in all Xceed series (3D AOI) without any additional cycle time required.


10th Anniversary of Boston Office
After launching 3D SPI in 2000, PARMI showed fast growth. PARMI has been selected by many global companies, the Korean HQ of PARMI realized the need to strategically expand its global footprint. Thus, in Boston, the first USA office which consists of experienced process experts was established in 2010. We also established an office in San Diego, California to meet our customer needs. And we signed contracts with agents and representatives across the Americas such as Mexico, Canada, etc. Based on this network, we have been offering not only demonstrations of PARMI machines, but also customer training and technical support to customers.
Over the past decade, customers have continued to face the challenge of rapidly changing technologies, and continued miniaturization of SMT components. We would love to continue to focus on high-quality machine development and fast service for our customers as we have for the past 10 years.