[vol.10] 2021年 1月


2020 is the year we started publishing PARMI newsletter. From the first newsletter in April to December 2020, we introduced PARMI’s technology with 9 newsletters. Fortunately, we could receive many inquiries thanks to writing the newsletters, and we could listen more to customer needs and complaints.

Thank you for being with the PARMI Newsletter for 2020.
In the new year of 2021, we will always think from the customer’s perspectives and grow together with you.

Best wishes for a happy new year!



The PARMI Newsletter will be published once a quarter in January, April, July, and October. It includes more useful and helpful information. Please tune in 2021, as we will deliver news about PARMI’s technology, software update, and new machine group.


✨ Reviewing PARMI Newsletter in 2020 ✨