[vol.12] 2021年 7月


AI Auto Teaching

1.AI Auto Teaching
Customers introducing AOI inspection to their facility will spend a lot of time building their initial component library. Also, depending on the extent of the developed components library, the time required for teaching new models also varies. It takes about 1 to 2 hours for an experienced person to teach all the parts of a new model, and longer time for an unskilled person.
The AI ​​Auto Teaching function newly provided by PARMI reduces teaching time for a new model to about 10 to 20 minutes. The AI ​​Auto Teaching identifies the component type and automatically sets the inspection items for each type. This minimizes the teaching deviation between operators and significantly reduces the incidence of false calls, so that constant inspection quality can be maintained at all times. AI Auto Teaching supports component types such as Chip(C, R), Array Resistor, Transistor, Diode, Capacitor, Coil, and IC.


2.Existing Teaching VS AI Auto Teaching
– Existing Teaching
: Based on chip, 5-step teaching process
– AI Auto Teaching
: Completion of automatic teaching at the same time as the PCB is scanned
: Constant teaching time regardless of part type
: Automatic registration up to text ROI


3.Expected Effect
– Reduced teaching time by more than 90%
– Elimination of teaching deviation between operators and reduction of human error
– Stable operation of equipment (reduced false calls) and increased productivity



PARMI’s Up to Date

1. AOIworks Updater
We have streamlined the update process for easy software updates. Automatic software updates and backups are possible simply by installing the distributed files. Users can conveniently use the function with the click of a button without complicated procedures. Further details can be found in the distributed release notes.

2. SW Bug Fix
The stability of the software has also been improved by implementing bug fixes.