[vol.13] 2021年 10月

Multi-Lines Verification


  • A program for 2nd judgement of defects identified by the inspection machine, handled by an operator.
  • Judgement by the operator, through a comparison between NG image and known good image.
  • Can be linked with an MES system
  • Inspection machine : Xceed, Xceed BSI, Xceed MICRO

(1) Main viewer : showing Good image in the same location as defect components.
(2) 3D viewer : 3D textured image and 3D colored image of selected defect components.
(3) 2D viewer : display of defect type and inspected specification.
(4) Defect type selection : final NG judgement for defect component.


2.Multi-Lines Verification at the Remote Veriworks Station
  When multiple production lines are managed with the existing Veriworks, it was necessary to arrange operators on each production line for 2nd judgment or access each Veriworks PC via a remote program. So, PARMI developed ‘Multi-lines Verification’ to fulfill the requirement for integrated process management and improved efficiency.

‘Multi-Lines Verification’ is a function that can be managed from one remote PC (Server Veriworks) by integrating the Veriworks program (Client Veriworks) installed on each production line. The manufacturing environment can be innovated with low cost and high efficiency because only one operator are now required.